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Rory:  "Hey Marc, first let me say thank you again. It is amazingly refreshing to know that putting the customer first is truly alive and well. I am extremely happy with every aspect, detail, time and care that you put into your business and work. After explaining my situation you stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park making sure that I was comfortable with every step. The Ford Escape looks better than I could imagine, the shine is phenomenal but that's only half of the service. Marc's Showroom Shine is a rare find, your willingness to work around my schedule and appreciation for me as a client, is also the reason why I will recommend your business/work and will be a repeat customer. Even on short notice your professionalism is second to none, fair and honest pricing combined with timely and efficient service, anyone who values a great work and is looking to have their car brought back to life needs to have your number on speed dial. Thank you for helping me take something special for my mother to the next level, it may not be a million dollar car but you made it feel and look like it was. I understand it's your business, but I can tell it's also your passion. I can't wait to see what you will be able to do with my Lincoln MKZ."

Josh:  "I had Marc take my Porsche in for detailing this week and was blown away by the results.  I never knew it was possible for my car to look this good. Every square inch of the paint has a mirror finish and is silky smooth to the touch. Marc is truly passionate about the art of detailing and delivers his service with the highest level of professionalism. After a quick online payment and a single signature on a waiver, I handed him the keys to my prized possession, a manual transmission 911, without any trepidation. He dropped it off hours later in better than showroom condition. If you think all detailers are equal, think again. Marc only uses the highest quality products and his knowledge of the craft is truly unparalleled. Marc is the best in Halifax at what he does, hands down. I will without a doubt be using Marc's services in the future, I would not trust anyone else with the task. I recommend having Marc take a look at your vehicle today, I personally guarantee you will be pleased with the results." 

Eric:  "It was such a pleasure today when I came home and found that you were going to detail my 2007 Jaguar XK convertible for me as a gift from my wife.  I am absolutely feeling fantastic about the work you did on this car.  I am very pleased with the outcome.  I hope that people can appreciate the good work that you've done for me.  I am a guy that believes that no one can be perfect but I would give you a 10 out of 10 on this one.  Having a professional detail my car like you Marc, has really shown me the importance of someone who's experienced in doing what they're doing.  I could not be more pleased as a customer because I am fanatical about my car.  Now I realize why I could never get the shine I wanted or the clean brilliancy of my rims that I wanted.  Not only did I not have the right products, I didn't have the right detail guy.  Today I feel that I have achieved both and I am extremely pleased with the results.  I love the way you do your work and the pride that you take in doing your work.  Marc, you are a professional.  Thank you so much.  You have gone over and beyond.  You're a 10 out of 10 man.  You are wonderful in what you do and your approach and your personality makes a customer feel very comfortable and rewarded in just spending time with you." 

Scott:  "This is a Ferrari 458 Italia. There were factory swirls when I received it and then it continued to get more marks and scuffs as I enjoyed it. Marc went above and beyond and took everything right out.  It's amazing. I can't explain how thrilled I am that he came and did this. I was waiting for service on the Ferrari this fall to actually have Ferrari detail it for me and I was very hesitant on getting anyone local - then I seen Marc's work on a buddy's vehicle and I couldn't believe it. I gave him the chance to work on my car and he's more than superseded my expectations. Marc was very professional all the way. Out of a 10, it's right off the Richter scale. It's way more than 10.  All the swirls are gone, the scuffs are gone.  I tried a couple times to get them out myself as gently as possible, but Marc got all those out. He even got the water spots out of the plastic and the paint and I've tried everything.  A couple other people tried and Marc did it no problem."


Scott:  "This is a 2005 Bentley GT Continental. I was so thrilled over the first vehicle that you did (2010 Ferrari 458 Italia) and now that you've done this one I'm over the moon. Marc has taken it to a whole new level. It's phenomenal. I'm flabbergasted how crazy Marc's work is. It's just incredible.  No one can touch it, hands down.  It's mind blowing. Videos and photos cannot come close or even slightly touch seeing it in person.  Seeing is believing and I'm a believer. I'm flat out flabbergasted. It looks like brand new paint. I know it sounds like a lot of money ($1000), but it is SO worth it. It's crazy, it's so crazy it's phenomenal. I'm a customer for life."

Adam:  "I am completely blown away with this work. Just the amount of passion and attention to detail he's put in to my vehicle is unbelievable.  I would not find another detailer in Halifax, or even in the Maritimes to do this type of work on my vehicle - especially someone who comes to my home and makes it convenient for myself and my work schedule.  He's been totally accommodating for me. I completely trusted him.  I even paid up front. I had not a single concern at all. I pre- paid and I knew what I was going to get from the pictures you showed me and the testimonials I read.  I had no doubt in my mind that the same amount of work was going to go in to my vehicle. Marc, I'm going to give you a 10 but if I could rate this above a 10 I would give it like a 15!  It's unbelievable. This work is not even 10 worthy - it's above and it goes beyond that. It's amazing." 


Etta:  "Marc drove miles to come and get my car, a 2014 Chev Cruz, navy blue.  He explained absolutely every detail of the work he would do, layer by layer, step by step, and why the processes were required.  I learned a LOT in a short time about how to keep your car looking good, and what to do when it starts to lose it's shine -- You call Marc!  He explained (for my car in particular which had a few deep scratches) what he could do and what is beyond the scope of detailing.  He wanted to be sure that the result I would see when he brought my car back to me 24 hours later would be exactly as he said it would be.  And it was!  It is so shiny and super clean. It looks like a brand new car to me.  Upon bringing it back, he explained how I must care for my car going forward.  Over all, Marc is a caring, hard working, meticulous, awesome guy - and on a scale of 1 to 10, the work he did on my car is most definitely a BIG 10.  Thank you Marc.  I will recommend you to others.”


Marcel:  "Demers Ambulances highly recommends Marc’s Showroom Shine. Our company was attending a conference in Halifax and needed on of our ambulances to be detailed for the event. Being based in Quebec, we didn’t have any contacts in Halifax. So of course we did a google search for local detailers and Marc’s Showroom Shine kept popping up with excellent reviews. After seeing his work, we can tell you that all the reviews were true. Not only does Marc provide a superior quality detailing at a competitive price, but his professionalism and service are unmatched. 10 out of 10.”

Gordon:  "I own a 2011 Triumph and contacted Marc after reviewing his website and watching several of his videos. There were a lot of videos to choose from that showed his outstanding workmanship and attention to detail on a wide selection of cars and motorcycles.  When I called Marc, he was very responsive and we were able to arrange a time that afternoon.  He was prompt, courteous and very professional.  Once he started it was obvious that Marc knows detailing and cares about the end product. I was around while he worked on my Triumph and he worked diligently and stopped only when I asked a question about his approach, products or a specific area. I appreciated Marc’s personalized service and his in-depth knowledge of paints and products.  Bottom line, I was very pleased with the finished product.  Marc worked hard, cared about his work and made my 2011 motorcycle “pop” and look brand new.  For people looking for an exceptional detailing job by someone who is knowledgeable and obviously loves what he does, I highly recommend Marc’s Showroom Shine!!  I give his work a score of 10/10!"

Brent:  "I was looking to have my 2015 Volkswagen GTI detailed, and was fortunate to come across Marc's website. Not only did Marc get back to me quickly, he also came down to my place of work and did the detailing on-site. I was blown away with the results. My car hasn't looked this good since I bought it. I was extremely impressed with not only the work but Marc's passion, knowledge and professionalism. I highly recommend Marc, you will not be disappointed with the results."

Kevin:  "When I saw the car for the first time, my honest reaction was "Wow!  Oh My God!  My car looks brand new."  It's gorgeous.  It's a ten.  Outstanding.  Man she's beautiful.  That's what you get when you use great products.  Beautiful job. Great work.  Now I don't want to drive it.  I just want to leave it parked in the driveway all the time."   

Helen:  "I recently bought a 2007 Suzuki SX4 that Marc detailed for me.  It had a lot of scratches and scuffs in the paint when he started, but by the time he was finished it was a different car!  Marc did his Elite Package on my car and now the scratches that were all over the hood and on the doors are all completely gone!  The paint is soft and smooth everywhere and the headlights and taillights even look brand new.  I've seen all of Marc's YouTube videos where happy customers are saying that their cars look amazing, look better than when they bought it, etc... but to see the difference in my own car, in person - is a whole new experience.  Now I know how those happy customers feel.  The videos and pictures don't do justice to the real thing.  You have to experience it for yourself to see what I mean."  

Duncan:  "It looks fantastic.  It's a huge difference.  Before, the paint was discolored and now it's quite shiny, bright, beautiful and looks brand new.  I would say it's definitely a 10 without a question.  You did an outstanding job and I couldn't be happier.  It looks really really good and the rims look fantastic.  Marc was definitely the most professional in terms of the other people that I talked to, so for me, it was an instant connection and I'm really glad I made that decision.  Thanks Marc." 

Justin:  "My name is Justin Smith and Marc came to my home and detailed my 2007 Triumph Daytona 675. While here he displayed a great deal of knowledge and pride in all aspects of his work. His professionalism is second to none and the level of detail presented was impressive. We removed all the plastic body panels and even conditioned the rubber hoses and fittings. I was in the process of selling the motorcycle but after seeing it once completed I immediately removed my ad from kijiji. I think I will enjoy riding for a little bit more, lol. He will be detailing my SUV and I will have no problems recommending him and his services to anyone. Once again Marc, I would like to thank you very much."   

Leia & David:  "I can't thank you enough for the work you did to resurrect my brand new Sienna!  I was at a total loss as to how we were going to fix it and didn't know where to turn when I spied you parked in front of our neighbour's house. Thank goodness Rob is a 'car guy' and knew who to call to fix this mess. As you know, it was a brand new vehicle, driven off the lot only a few weeks beforehand; when they did some asphalt patching and unfortunately street sweeping soon after. Even though the van was sitting in our driveway, it was absolutely coated in sand particles which were literally stuck to the paint (with the adhesive they use in the patching apparently).  It wouldn't rinse off, even with soap, and on the small patch I tried to rub off, the tiny sand particles left a thousand little scratches on the surface of the paint - it looked terrible! Heartbreaking on a brand-new vehicle, even for someone who isn't a 'car guy'. I know it was a LOT of hard work over the two days you spent in our driveway, but we appreciate it very much as we wouldn't have been able to do it on our own with all the time in the world, lacking all of your very expensive equipment and experience.  What a turn-around!"

Troy:  "Before Marc even started detailing my classic 1978 Ford Truck, I told him that I had better be impressed for $400. You absolutely delivered 100%. I am happy with everything you did. Now it has a glow to it. It's a 10, it's a 10.  It's exactly what you said it would be. I'm impressed and absolutely happy with what you did to my truck. The black paint really pops now. It really shines. I chose you over others that I called because you were the first to respond and you came right to my house from an hour away."

David:  "I just had the pleasure of spending my evening chatting with Marc while he breathed new life into my 2008 Harley Davidson Nightster. I'll be the first to admit that I was skeptical anyone was going to be able to make a difference on this 8 year old, hard ridden bike, but boy was I ever wrong. Marc's meticulous, professional and skillful approach left my motorcycle looking not only amazing, but the best it probably has looked since it left the factory floor. It's clear that Marc takes a great sense of pride in his work. Sure, we've all probably had a motorcycle or vehicle detailed before - that's not what this is. From the quality products and specialty tools he uses, to the little things, like never reusing his cloths... Marc doesn't detail, he restores. The deep lustre that was left in my paint left me speechless. I may have been a first-time customer at the beginning of the evening, but I can now confidentially say I'm a happy, return customer for life. Thank you Marc for the exceptional experience."  

Mark:  "Marc just finished my Acura ILX, which has barely been touched since I bought it four years ago. It's black, and the paint was a mess of swirls and dull spots. Marc did a fantastic job, and it now looks better than new! He did the headlights, and they really make a big difference. Best of all he comes directly to your house and does it on the spot! Heartily recommend his work!"  

Kaylie:  "Marc's work is beyond amazing!  There are several reasons why Marc is the best to detail your car: 
He is trustworthy and honest;  His quality of work is extraordinary;  He takes his time to make sure every inch of the car is completed;  The prices are wonderful for the work and time he commits.  I am so thankful to have found Marc.  He polished and removed the scratches from my 2014 Toyota Corolla.  I stayed to watch the entire process and Marc had taken the time to educate me on each step.  My car looks like new again and I could not be more happy!!!  Marc is so kind and down to earth, he made me feel confident in my investment and I will choose his services EVERY time I'm in need of a detail.  Thank you Marc!! There should be more detailers like you." 

Dennis:  "I like having a clean car, but after Marc was finished with his professional, specialized detailing service on my Mustang, I didn't want to drive it because it looked so good that I didn't want to get it dirty.  Seeing my car now is like going back in time to the day I bought it."  

Lee:  "I researched you for actually about six months and kept coming back to you. The car looks great. I'm blown away, it looks fantastic. It probably looks better than new. The car speaks for itself, it's gorgeous right now, it's as shiny as it's ever been. The paint is gorgeous. I've gone over it, it looks great. We're a 10 out of 10. I'm quite happy, it looks great. I appreciate it Marc, I really do. The whole car looks great from the paint to the wheels, to the moldings, the glass."  

Rob:  "Certainly exceeded my expectations. You did a tremendous job. You under-estimated and over delivered. The paint literally went from a 2007 car with over 250,000 kms on it, now that fender looks like it just came out of an Infiniti dealership and I don't make comments like that lightly.  I'm very, very particular when it comes to my cars. To go from what it was to where it is, it's exceptional.  There's a very, very solid rule that applies to most things in life: You get what you pay for.  Nothing comes for free or cheap and that applies very well here. It's simply a 10 out 10. There's no question about it. Thank you very much."  

Marie: "Marc came to the house to detail my 2000 BMW Z3 convertible.  I had great faith in Marc from his previous testimonials and I was not wrong to trust Marc with my baby.  I've never seen it this beautiful.  I love it. This is the best the car has looked since I've had it.  I'd give Marc a 10+, it's gorgeous.  It's got a shine to it like it's never had. The wheels are beautiful. They are perfect, just perfect. I never thought it could look like this. It's like a mirror. Everything was explained to me and I would not hesitate to tell all my friends about Marc, his professionalism and his friendly manner." 

Steve:  "I was pretty impressed.  Honestly, truthfully, it looks amazing.  Everything seems to pop out, the colour, the highlights, the accents, everything!  I'd say 10, it's incredible.  It looks better than when it arrived.  There were a few scratches on the hood that you managed to take out nicely.  It looks great.  I really appreciate it.  You were here the whole time working hard.  A very trustworthy guy.  Thanks very much Marc."  

Paul:  "It looks like it just came out of the showroom and I like that.  I got over a year out of it the first time you did it and this looks even better than last time.  It's a 10 and a half out of 10.  That paint sealant really makes a difference.  I really like it.  I wouldn't have come back if I didn't like it and I would certainly recommend you to others."  

Gloria:  "It looks beautiful.  I love it!  I'd give you a 10.  I'm being honest, it looks just like new.  I'm very happy with it, a 100%.  I mean look at it!  I looks like a new car.  If we need you again, we know who to call."  

Anne:  "An A+ job!  Marc really knows his detailing products and how to use them.  After several hours of hard work our Mercedes C300 and Audi Q5 have a shine that can rival any new showroom vehicle.  Marc was a delight to work with and I am happy to recommend him to anyone.  I will definitely use him again!"  

Ernest:  "I just had to get mine done.  It's amazing. What a wonderful job you've done.  I couldn't praise it more than what it is.  You pay for what you get.  If I went and got it painted, it wouldn't look like this.  It's awesome.  I'd give you a 100 out of 100.  Honestly you've done an amazing job.  I'm pleased, well pleased.  I'm just amazed with what you did to the car. Thank you very much."  


Mike:  "I found Marc through a friend.  After reading all of his positive testimonials I decided to use his detailing service. My first impression after meeting him was that he was very polite, hardworking, dedicated and proud of his work.  He showed his gratitude to my friend who referred Marc to me by giving him a $50.00 coupon towards his next detailing.  It's really hard to impress me, but wow!  Everything looked like glass.  I am beyond happy and would recommend his service to anyone. He was at my home for several hours and if you want someone to make sure every inch of your vehicle is taken care of, then call Marc."  


Patrick:  "The detail that Marc takes on a car is second to none from the chrome to the tires, it is all done beautifully. My car is now a 10 out of 10 and worth every bit of money that I have invested for this detailing. I am amazed and truly thankful for a job well done.  Marc's knowledge and professional manner was very nice and not hurried.  He took the time to educate and explain. Thanks again and I would recommend him to anyone for sure." 

Mike:  "Honestly I've never seen it looking this good.  You've done some next level work here.  This is looking 10 out of 10. You've done a fantastic job here.  When I came across your website I said, 'Now here's a guy who's out there who's interested in doing a good job'." 

Darren & Verlie:  "Awesome.  Awesome.  You did an awesome, awesome job.  $1200.00 and worth every cent.  You gave us our money's worth and then some.  Very impressive.  Same as new, just like brand new even better than new.  Thank you.  We are so happy with the results, we are telling everyone what awesome work you do.  A man said to me this morning, "I see you got a new car."  I told him it was new to us, not brand new.  He didn't believe me.  He said it looks like it came right off the lot, so I told him about you."  


Bob:  "A low-end cleaning at one of the other competitors would probably be 50 some dollars per car, however, this is NOT a low-end cleaning. You've done a fabulous job. It looks better than when I drove it off the lot brand new. It's unbelievable. I'd recommend your service to anyone."

Danny:  "I was absolutely shocked.  I'm in awe.  I can't believe... speechless is the best word to give.  It's never looked like this.  It's incredible, I mean it looks literally showroom condition.  It's not even the same car.  This is a $300 job and it's worth every single penny.  You just brought it back to life.  It's definitely a 10." 


Nathan: "If anyone could do this, based on what I was reading and what I heard, I figured it was you.  I'm extremely pleased.  The work is worth well beyond what I paid.  Had it not been done in my own driveway, I would not have picked this to be the same car that I left this morning.  100%, I would not hesitate to use you again or send my best friend to see you." 


Steven:  "It's phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal. I couldn't ask for anything better. The car looks brand new. Everything is done on it. The paint is completely smoothed out, there's no scratches, no nicks. I'm incredibly happy. It brings it up to brand new again." 

John:  "A 2010 and it looks like a 2017. It looks like brand new. It's very awesome. You changed the whole vehicle for me. You really did." 

Dave & Joanne:  "Marc arrived and did a full job on our truck, and it was great.  He is a very nice man. He even came back the next day to check on the truck because it had rained as he was finishing the previous day. It was an excellent experience. We  would recommend him to anybody. Thanks Marc."  

Zenon:  "I had two cars detailed last fall by Marc. A 2010 Outback and 2008 Forester. Marc truly did an amazing job and looking at the photos now, I almost forgot how bad both cars were before Marc came along. A repeat customer this spring with a spruce-up; though hardly required since the cars still look great, even after last years winter.  Marc truly treats each and every vehicle like gold and gives 110% effort each and every time. No cutting corners, no BS, just hard work, elbow grease and attention to detail. You will not be disappointed." 

Eric: "There was some scratches on the car door which is gone now.  It looks really, really new. It's even brighter and shinier than when I bought it. Honestly, it's more than what I expected. It's easily a 10. Everything was explained and it was pretty clear to me what was going to happen to my car. Great guy, really friendly." 

David:  "It turned out crazy amazing. I'm extremely happy. I'd come back again and again. Everything looks new, it's perfect. It's gotta be an 11. I can't even explain it. It's perfect."


Paul:  "It looks fantastic.  It looks like a totally different car.  It's perfect. If I could say 11, I would. It's a definite 10.  I was thinking about selling the car and now I'm going to keep it.  I'm more than happy.  Honestly Marc, I'm glad I spent the money. It's money well spent.  It looks better than showroom shine." 


Lindsay:  "Marc, thank you so much for the phenomenal job you did on my VW Golf. Marc was able to eliminate all the paint damage on my vehicle that was caused by a careless driver in a parking lot. He offered me fantastic pricing for the restorative work he did, in addition to the detailing work. I'm very pleased." 

Justin:  "I went with you because you had the best service and the best reviews and it was definitely worth it. 12 out of 10.  Shining service!  Brought my rail dust filled white Elantra back to life! Thank you so much." 

Glenn:  "I didn't think that you could actually bring my new car and make it look better than what I had it looking. The finer details, you do. It's brighter and deeper. It's got a three dimensional shine to it now. It's unbelievable. Being truthful, I didn't think that the car could look any better than what it did, and you proved me wrong. Amazing work. Thanks for the work on my Camaro. Truly amazing."


Farhed:  "It definitely exceeded my expectations. It was like a new car. It was like the car came alive.  It was just something.  It's just a different car. Wow, it's a mirror. It's fantastic. You've superseded my expectations. Highly recommend it. You delivered more than what you said."


Howard:  "The first time I saw it I just said "WOW".  I'm looking for a new car look - I got a new car look. It's just fantastic. You did exactly what you said you would. It's night and day. It's a great job. You'd never think it's a 2003 just by looking at it. Your workmanship is excellent, you work fast and I didn't have to give up my car for any length of time." 


Eric:  "It's fantastic.  It looks better than when I got it from the dealership.  I can't say enough, it looks fantastic. The customer service I got here was fantastic and easy to get along with, and great results so I'm very pleased and would recommend the service." 


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